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Northern Poles and Thatching is a supplier of H4 Treated Poles and Thatching material in the north of Pretoria. We supply Treated Timber and Wooden Poles, as well as Thatching Grass and Cape Reed, Fibreglass Ridging and all hardware necessary for building a thatched roof or lapa.

Beware of cheap imitations!

All our timber poles are H4 treated. Other people might be selling you H3 treated poles at the same price as a H4 treated pole – what is the difference?

H4 treated timber tends to last 5 times longer than H3 treated timber in everyday use.

Look for the marker at the end of each timber pole – this is your quarantee of quality H4 treated poles:

Our Wooden Poles come in several ranges:

• H4 level CCA treated gum poles that are used as lapa poles and in general construction due to its weather resistance and durability
• Machined poles which are treated or untreated pine poles that are machined to more uniform dimensions
• Transmission poles which are treated wooden poles with dimensions that are more tightly controlled and treated with creosote to a higher standard than normal CCA timber poles
• Wooden Laths that are normally used in Thatched roof lapa construction