CCA Treated Gum poles

Each poles diameter is measured at the top (thin side) and then divided into these basic categories:

RED 50mm - 75mm
YELLOW 75mm - 100mm
BLUE 100mm - 125mm
WHITE 125mm - 150mm
ORANGE 150mm - 175mm
NO TAGS 175mm - 200mm

All our poles are CCA treated and SABS approved. CCA is an acronym for "Copper, Chrome and Arsenic". The Copper and Chrome compounds in the mixture is the preservative Arsenic guarantees that no timber-eating insects damages the poles you purchased.

All our poles are treated with CCA to level H4. In accordance with SAWPA (South African Wood Preservers Association), H4 treated poles are suitable for ground contact and periodic wetting. These poles are ideal for agricultural posts, landscaping, structures, decking and bridges. All our poles are issued with an anti-split plate (gangnail) at each end stating the SABS mark. The CCA treatment penetrates a minimum of 13mm into each pole in accordance with SABS regulations and poles are inspected on a regular basis by SABS officials to ensure that you get the quality you pay for.

All our poles are known by these names:
Gum poles
Saligna poles
Blue Gum poles

The most common species harvested is Eucalyptus Grandis to ensure minimum weight and maximum strength for your needs.

50/75 Treated poles

75/100 CCA Treated poles

75/100 Treated poles

100/125 CCA Treated Poles

100/125 Treated Poles

125/150 CCA Treated Poles

125/150 Treated Poles

150/175 CCA Treated Poles

150/175 Treated Poles


175/200 Treated Poles