Coach Screws

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Description Cost  
Coach Screw 10x75mm R 53.00 per packet of 10
Coach Screw 10x100mm R 58.00 per packet of 10
Coach Screw 10x150mm R 85.00 per packet of 10


Coach screws are heavy duty screws that are designed for fastening heavy timbers. Coach screws have a square or hexagonal-shaped head, which makes it simple to fasten them with spanners, wrenches or pliers. These screws are available in a wide variety of sizes, from small ones meant for assembling furniture, to extremely bulky ones used for heavy construction projects. The sizes we stock are listed on this page. Coach screws are commonly used for critical joins in construction due to their sturdiness and versatility. They are preferred over nails because they can be removed and used again if required. They are also galvanised for anti-corrosion purposes, so coach screws are usable in exposed positions