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Description Cost  
CuGard 20 (1 litre) R 208.00 each
CuGard 20 (5 litre) R 984.00 each


CuGard 20 is an organic solvent-based, ready-for-use biocidal formulation for timber treatment that contains copper naphthenate as the active ingredient. It provides superficial fungicidal and insecticidal protection to exposed untreated timber and stains the wood to a greenish colour. It also affords some water repellency, leach resistance and fixation to the wood structure. After absorption into the timber and subsequent drying, it can be painted over with most organic-based wood coatings.

CuGard 20 / CuGard 20 WR is ideal for treating ends of CCA treated poles after cross-cutting, e.g. thatch roof and lapa poles. Also suitable for treatment and protection of beehives.

Active ingredients: Copper naphthenate (20 g active copper element per l),

Appearance - Dark green or greenish amber liquid

Solubility - Soluble in organic solvents

Density @ 20°C - ± 0,795 – 0,835 kg/l

Use Restriction: None. Handle with care.

Application: Dip, brush or spray. Drying time ± 24 hours.

Application Rate: ± 5m2/l/coat. Apply two to three coats depending on timber species.

Dilution Rates: None, ready for use

Storage: Storage temperatures should not exceed 50°C

Packaging: 1l, 5l, 25l and 200l nett containers