Fibreglass Slides

Product Options

Description Cost  
2.4m Straight Slide R 2740.00 each
3.0m Straight Slide R 3060.00 each
3.0m Wave Slide R 3060.00 each


Jungle gyms or pools are not complete without a kids' slide. Kids can't get enough of going up and sliding down slides, and this makes their playtime extra special. And the exercise they get climbing up, adds to their physical and mental development. We supply both straight slides and wave slides.

The slides are made of high density fibreglass, which is very tough, as well as fade and UV resistant, and they come in various bright colours. The slides can be used in wet or dry conditions, and to assist with protecting the slides from damage by sun and water, they are coated with a marine gel coat. It is also possible to attach a garden hose to the top and turn them into water slides.

Each slide features side rails to assist with keeping your kids safely on the slide all the way down. They also have flattened bottoms and special safety rubber handholds to increase the safety