Hand Earth Auger / Post Hole Digger

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Description Cost  
150mm x 1500mm Hand Augers R 700.00 each


Comes equipped with a telescopic shaft extending to 1.5m: Adjusting the auger length as you dig deeper keeps your back straight. Reducing stress and fatigue. The unique BURROWMAN Double Helix Bit works like a corkscrew: Burrows into hard compact soil and clay. Will dislodge and lift stones up to 50mm in diameter and find it's way through fissures in fragmented rocky ground. This top quality product is 100% designed and manufactured in SA. Heavy duty all steel construction, 3mm flights, 27 x 2mm shaft and handle, 32 x 2mm extension. Tough enough for two men to operate in difficult soil conditions. The 150mm BURROWMAN is ideal for fence posts and poles. To dig a larger diameter hole: Bore a hole deeper than you need, use a spade to widen it to the desired dimension letting the soil fall back in. Remove the loose earth with the BURROWMAN. Repeat this procedure until you are at the required depth.