Machined Horse Jumps

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Description Cost  
3.0m x 100mm Treated Horsejumps R 304.30 each
3.6m x 100mm Treated Horsejumps R 407.79 each
4.2m x 100mm Treated Horsejumps R 520.61 each


Machined poles are usually pine poles that are turned at high speeds and then shaved along the length of the pole so that they are absolutely straight and do not taper from top to bottom.

They very popular in the construction of equestrian arenas and are also used as horse jumps.

Our machined poles are sourced based on their density. If the pole is not dense enough for machining, there is the risk of the pole twisting and cracking after installation.

These wooden poles can be either treated, (with CCA), or untreated. Because CCA is a water-based treatment it is still possible to paint over the treated poles for equestrian purposes.

For any queries about lengths obtainable and stock carried do not hesitate to contact us