Rock Climbing Grips

Product Cost

Description Cost  
Rock Climbing Grips R 680.00 per 10


Install rock climbing grips for your kids in their rooms, on a wall outside or as part of a Jungle Gym. Available in several bright colours the rock climbing grips will also add a cheerful improvement to the kids' play area, and the grips can be installed easily by the average DIYer. Climbing has always been a favourite pasttime for kids, and by installing rock climbing grips in a safe environment where you have control over the activities, you will provide a safe environment for them to play in under your supervision.

Improve your kids' mental, physical and social development:

  • Hand and finger grip strength

  • Increase shoulder, neck and back strength

  • Improve their self confidence

  • Increased motor skills

  • Build trust and character

  • All round fun and entertainment