Synthetic Fibre Thatch

Product Options

Description Cost  
Eave Section 450mm x 125mm R POR each
Fibre Palm 800mm x 550mm R POR each
Fibre Reed 800mm x 450mm R POR each
Masonite Reed Board 2440mm x 1220mm R POR each
Plywood Reed Board 2440mm x 1220mm R POR each
Magnesium Oxide Board 2700mm x 1200mm R POR each


Fibre Palm Tiles was developed as a realistic long lasting replacement for natural leave thatch mediums. The tiles were designed to provide maximum coverage to reduce cost. Although originally intended to be installed on top of a sub roof such as waterproofed ply wood or alternatively corrugated metal sheet roofing. Another unique feature of Fibre Palm tiles are that it is also possible to install these tiles without a sub roof on gazebo and umbrella frames by fitting the Fibre Roofing clip system to the tiles. The tiles simply clip onto 8 mm diameter rods in the usual overlay pattern spaced at 250mm, the tiles can also be stapled or nail onto wood roof battens. The FiberPalm tiles installed without a sub roof will provide you with a 98% waterproof roof covering.

The Fibre Reed require 5.4 tiles per square meter to provide a smooth completely natural looking grated thatch finish that will even convince people familiar with thatch roofing of its authenticity. Often these people will only realize that the thatch is synthetic after physically touching the roof.    We have the capacity and technology colour match our synthetic material to any natural material or to any colour specified by a customer.