Treated Laths

Product Options

Description Cost  
Laths 1.5m R 65.00 per bundle of 10
Laths 1.8m R 82.00 per bundle of 10
Laths 2.1m R 102.50 per bundle of 10
Laths 2.4m R 113.69 per bundle of 10
Laths 3.0m R 132.00 per bundle of 10
Laths 3.6m R 176.00 per bundle of 10
Laths 4.5m R 253.00 per bundle of 10


Laths are thin gum poles that are mainly used horizontally in lapas and thatch roofs. Laths, like gum poles, are also CCA treated to prevent rotting and wood borers such as termites.

Another every day use for laths is the making of screens, pergolas and carports. Depending on the season and availability laths can range anywhere between 15mm and 45mm in diameter.

The rule of thumb is usually the shorter the lath the less they taper from top to bottom.

When constructing a panel of laths, the average usage is 30 laths per meter when spaced together.

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