Untreated Pine Split-poles (B Grade)

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Description Cost  
Split-poles 2.0m x 100mm x 19mm R 17.00 each
Split-poles 2.4m x 100mm x 19mm R 19.42 each
Split-poles 3.0m x 100mm x 19mm R 24.28 each


A "splitpole" as is it most commonly referred to, is half a pole. Bluntly put it is "a rough plank with pieces of bark still attached".

When a log is cut into planks the saw leaves a rough surface on all the planks. The term "wet off saw" implies that the log has been cut into planks of the required dimensions but the plank has not been dried or planed. These planks on the outside of the log is referred to as a "splitpole" and the planks on the inside of the log are referred to as "utility grade" planks.

These planks are ideal for floors of jungle gyms or screens to cordon off areas. When making a panel or split pole fencing you would require approximately 10 x split poles per meter when spaced together.