Services offered

In addition to selling the wood poles and other wood products to the public and contractors, we also offer a full spectrum of services related to these products. We realise that it is often more convenient to process the products people buy from us at the point of sale instead of transporting it to some other location to be sawed, drilled, planed, cut or treated, so we can also assist our clients with the services listed below if required. However, there is as always terms and conditions applicable to delivering these services.

We do offer the following services:

  • Drilling of holes
  • Planing of planks
  • Cutting of material
  • Sharpening of planks, droppers or laths.


  • We do cut, drill or customise material as per request and subject to machinery required and the fee payable.
  • No material will be cut, drilled or altered before full payment has been received.
  • Material that has been cut, drilled or altered in any way by the customer, or as per the customers instruction,  is no longer in the original (SABS) condition and will not be exchanged or refunded ever. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • A job description sheet must be filled out and signed for each alteration required by the customer before any cutting, drilling or customising of material will commence.
  • Please note that any order received for customising of material will be done as quickly as possible, according to our current workload and labour available. We do not offer a “same day” service.