CCA Treated Poles

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All our poles are CCA treated and SABS approved. CCA is an acronym for “Copper, Chrome and Arsenic” – which is what the treatment mixtures consists of. The Copper and Chrome compounds in the mixture make the poles weather resistant and the Arsenic guarantees that no timber-eating insects damages the poles you purchased.

All our poles are treated with CCA to level H4. In accordance with SAWPA (South African Wood Preservers Association), H4 treated poles are more than sufficient to be used for High Hazard – ground contact needs.These poles are ideal for agricultural posts, landscaping, structures, decking and bridges. All our timber poles are issued with an anti-split plate at each end to ensure that your timber doesn’t crack. The CCA treatment mixture is penetrated 13mm into each pole in accordance with SABS regulations and poles are inspected on a regular basis by SABS officials to ensure that you get the quality you pay for.

As you already know, any tree grows from thick to thin, so all wooden poles are categorised by measuring them at each end. These categories are:

50mm – 75mm
75mm – 100mm
100mm – 125mm
125mm – 150mm
150mm – 175mm
175mm – 200mm

Gumpoles longer than 13m or thicker than 200mm are usually not carried in stock, as they are very unpopular, but they can nevertheless be obtained if an order is placed.

All our poles are bluegum (also known as saligna) poles to ensure minimum weight and maximum strength for your needs.

For any questions you might have please E-mail us at [email protected] as we would like to update our system to cater for all your specific needs.

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