Untreated Planks

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Description Cost  
Utility Grade 152/38 Untreated Pine R 29.22 per meter
Plank 100/19 2.4m Untreated R 22.51 each
Utility Grade 38/38 Untreated Pine R 7.81 per meter
Utility Grade 76/38 Untreated Pine R 15.61 per meter
Utility Grade 114/38 Untreated Pine R 21.92 per meter
Utility Grade 228/50 Untreated Pine R 76.04 per meter
Plank 100/19 3.0m Untreated R 28.14 each
Utility Grade 152/50 Untreated Pine R 41.85 per meter
Plank 100/19 2.1m Untreated R 19.70 each


We have a wide range of utility grade planks for all your DIY needs.
Here is some terminology that you need to know:

"Wet of saw" - A plank that have been cut, but has not been dried or planed, thus leaving a rough surface on the plank.
"Kiln dried" - Wood has been placed in an oven-like structure / chamber and heated to dry out the planks evenly. Kiln dried planks are more expensive than wet of saw planks.
"Utility grade" - No official grading has been awarded to these planks.
"Treated" - Planks can be CCA treated. CCA is a preservative used in the treatment timber. Unfortunately CCA can't be purchased over the counter as it contains Arsenic.

Here is some of the standard stock we have:

100mm x 19mm Pine - wet of saw
152mm x 38mm Saligna - wet of saw
152mm x 38mm Kiln dried, finger jointed pine